Pro Apparel represents the core values of cycling: excellence, innovation, and sustainability. Our products are made with high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology, ensuring optimal performance and comfort. We also care about the environment and the social impact of our business, supporting local communities. Pro Apparel is not just a brand, it's a vision for the future of cycling.

About Us

PRO APPAREL is a sportswear company that believes in the power of sports to transform lives. We specialize in custom designs for various sports and events that allow people to show their passion and personality. We have a wide range of activewear and apparel for all ages and genders that are made with high quality material.

Our mission is to make cycling more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone. We use the latest technology and innovation to produce our products and ensure competitive pricing. We also value our customers and provide them with the best quality services.

Our vision is to become the top sport brand in Malaysia's cycling industry by 2026. We are committed to delivering excellent products and services that satisfy our customers' needs and expectations. We want to inspire more people to enjoy cycling and live an active lifestyle.

Company Profile